New Address: Pecherska St, 3, Chaiky, Kyivs'ka Oblast, Ukraine, 08130


Frequently Asked Questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What openings do you have for teachers?

See the current opportunities here.


  • Location of school (urban, rural, suburban)?

Suburban.  KCA is located on the western edge of Kyiv city limits in the town of Chaiky. It is about 30 minutes by public transportation from the center of Kyiv.


  • Is it safe to live in Kyiv?

Kyiv is safer now than it was a year ago, however, the long range strikes are still occurring in several cities far from the front line fighting. To respond to these risks the government uses air defense systems to protect the city and provides emergency alert systems and policies aimed at keeping civilians safe. Nearly all public utility systems, police and emergency departments, and medical services are functioning at normal capacities.  KCA is very aware of the difficulties and continues to update our emergency preparedness and crisis management planning as needed.


On a local level, the crime rate in Kyiv is low compared to other European cities. Traveling around the city on public transport is safe. As a normal caution for foreigners, be aware of your surroundings and avoid drawing attention to yourself.


  • Requirements regarding education/ experience/ certification (and if there are ever any exceptions)?

We desire our teachers to have an education degree, teaching experience, and ACSI certification, although some exceptions can be made. Teachers without ACSI certification will at least be required to fulfill ACSI’s Christian Philosophy of Education requirement.


  • Demographics of teaching/administrative staff?

KCA staff is composed mainly of Americans and Ukrainians, although other nationals with teaching qualifications are welcome. Teachers range from recent college graduates to retirees.


  • Typical Enrollment

In recent years, KCA has had an enrollment of about 130 students from K to 12th. Our students have been predominantly North American followed by Ukrainian and Korean. As many as 15 different nationalities have been represented at KCA. An English Language Learners (ELL) program is available for non-native speakers.  Typical class sizes are usually 8 to 15 students.
For the current year, we are expecting about 5 to 10 students per grade level.


  • Any financial assistance offered (salary/stipend/housing)?

Teachers should view themselves as missionaries with a vision to be used by God in the lives of their students.  Teachers are encouraged to come under the auspices of a mission agency.  Each teacher is responsible to raise finances to cover their expenses including visa, registration, transportation, and living expenses.


Resourcing Christian Education is a mission agency set up specifically to help teachers raise support to serve in international Christian education.


  • Typical staff living arrangements?

Staff and teachers live all over the city, typically renting apartments. KCA will help individuals or families locate reasonable housing convenient to the school and public transportation.  Most singles try to share an apartment with other singles to help defray costs.


  • Estimated monthly cost of living for a single individual?

$1000 per month should be sufficient, depending on the sending agency.  Costs may be reduced by living close to the school and by rooming with another individual.  Support goals should be based on the cost of living plus medical benefits, taxes, and social security deductions.


  • When does the school year begin and when is the last day?  When do I need to report?

Teacher orientation typically begins mid-August.  New teachers are encouraged to arrive in Kyiv one week before orientation in order to get acclimated.  The first day of school takes place during the third week of August and the last day of school is during the last week of May.  Dates vary slightly each year.

  • How do I apply?

Begin your application at the link below.