New Address: Pecherska St, 3, Chaiky, Kyivs'ka Oblast, Ukraine, 08130


Kyiv Christian Academy is a private K-12 grade Christian international school in Kyiv, Ukraine that employs the American educational system to prepare students for entry into the North American universities.  We serve a unique community and we have high expectations of our students.  The school reserves the option to decline admission to any student for any reason.

Priority for Admission

  • Current students and new applicants from Sponsoring Missions have first priority for admission.
  • Current and new students of KCA staff.
  • Current and new students of missionaries whose mission is not a sponsoring mission but who agree that their children will be taught in accordance with our doctrinal statement.
  • Current and new students of the expatriate community who agree to support our doctrinal statement and school guidelines.
  • Current and new students from families who speak English as a second language (ESL). KCA does not typically admit ESL students beyond the fourth grade.
  • Special circumstances may dictate that we limit class size and composition in order to achieve the academic objectives set by the school board.

Student/Parent Commitment with KCA

Before a student is accepted, it is important that the parents understand and agree with our Christian philosophy of education.  They must agree to a partnership relationship with KCA in the education and training of their child/children.  Parents also agree to fulfill their financial obligations to the institution regarding fees.

Students admitted to the upper school must abide by the rules of the school and cooperate with the staff. Parents must sign an Annual Parent Contract with KCA.

Kindergarten (4-year-old)

Eligibility for Admission

This information for the 2021-2022 school year will be published soon.

Kindergarten (5-year-old)
through 12th Grade

Eligibility for Admission

Age: A child must be five years old by September 1 to be admitted to Kindergarten and six years old by September 1 in order to be considered for admitted to 1st  Grade.

English language: Classes are taught in English. Children whose first language is not English will be given an English proficiency test and only after passing the test and in consultation with the Headmaster will admitted to their appropriate age/grade level.

Placement: All new students are admitted on academic and behavioral probation during their first semester. If the student has significant problems academically, emotionally or behaviorally, the school has the freedom to nullify any contract. At the conclusion of the first semester an evaluation will be made by the administration and staff regarding continued attendance. Re-admission for returning students is not automatic and if significant problems arise that jeopardize continued attendance parents will be notified. Students will be placed in the appropriate grade level after formal/informal evaluation of the student and transcripts.

Because of limited resources, KCA is not equipped to meet the needs of the following students:

  • Children with severe learning disabilities or children with Down Syndrome
  • Severely physically handicapped children
  • Emotionally disturbed children
  • Students with a history of misbehavior or who demonstrate a reticence to abide by and uphold the rules of KCA
  • Students with a record of discipline, expulsion, and suspension problems


Criteria for Admission

  • Applicant conforms to admission policy
  • Space in the classroom is available to offer adequate services
  • Adequate staff is available to keep a staff-student ratio, typically, of one staff member to 15 students
  • The staff is comprised of members with the strengths to deal with any special needs the student might have
  • Proper application, student forms, student records, test results (if necessary), and record of initial payment are on file
  • There must be a sending organization or local church to which missionary families are accountable