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Teacher Job Description

Teacher Job Description

Teachers shall be college graduates who demonstrate an ability to be used of God in the
teaching profession. Teachers shall be ones of spiritual maturity with academic and
leadership abilities that will allow them to “train up a child in the way he should go.” It is
preferred that teachers have a full year’s teaching experience before appointment to KCA. If
not yet certified with ACSI, teachers will pursue certification with ACSI while teaching at KCA.
Teachers have the major responsibility of instruction in their assigned curricular area. In the
implementation of this responsibility, teachers are expected to…

  • •Teach regularly scheduled classes as assigned.
  • •Be informed as to the academic, spiritual, and social development of each of their students.
  • •Employ those instructional aids, methods, and materials that will provide for creative and effective teaching.
  • •Other duties as assigned by the Administration.

In order to accomplish the above, teachers will perform the following:

  • •Insure that adequate preparations have been made to accomplish objectives established for the classes assigned.
  • •Plan broadly, through the use of semester goals and objectives, for classes assigned.
  • •Maintain adequate records of attendance and grades to meet the requests of the administration and parents, as well as the teacher’s own need for knowledge of the student’s progress.
  • •Create homework assignments for drill, review, enrichment, or project work sufficiently in advance of the due date so that the student will learn personal responsibility, the joy of self-study, and be sufficiently informed so that students are able to handle the work at their grade level.
  • •Upgrade curriculum guides/scope and sequence to meet the school’s objectives.
  • •Attend and participate in devotions, faculty meetings, staff meetings, orientation, and in-service sessions.
  • •Request instructional aids and materials for classroom use.
  • •Plan the use of field trips, guest lecturers, and other media for creative and effective teaching.
  • •Take advantage of those opportunities that will improve teaching within and outside of their content area. Improve teaching skills by attending seminars, educational conferences, and taking graduate classes when possible.
  • •Keep a record of textbooks assigned to students.
  • •Keep proper discipline in the classroom for a good teaching environment and on the school premises for good interpersonal relations.
  • •Be placed on an Internal “Sub List” to fill-in for members of the faculty who may be absent.
  • •Keep their classrooms clean and organized during the week.
  • •Turn in lesson plans each Monday morning.

Teachers are directly responsible to their Principal for certain extracurricular responsibilities,
in particular, during the year; teachers may be asked to…

  • Serve as an advisor for students assigned.
  • Attend teachers’ prayer meetings and regular scheduled assemblies, and other functions of the school when related to their area of responsibility.
  • Always be available and be used by the Holy Spirit for the spiritual uplift of students or fellow teachers.
  • Supervise study hall and/or such student activities as the Principal or Headmaster may assign.
  • Serve as a class advisor.
  • Serve on the Teachers’ Lounge cleanup rotation and as a lunchroom and/or recess

Teachers are expected to uphold the following standards of good teaching:

  • Good teachers state clearly what they expect of their classes and then proceed to make them do it.
  • Be prompt.
  • Be consistent.
  • Be fair. Admit your errors. Never play favorites. Give each student a chance to participate according to his abilities.
  • Be prepared. Know exactly what you plan to do and what you hope to accomplish during the class hour. Have materials ready.
  • Be firm.
  • Be considerate. Be sure every student experiences some success every day and be sure you praise him or her for it.
  • Be responsible. A teacher is responsible to refuse to accept untidily written work, wasted time, damage to equipment, poor posture, or misuse of supplies.
  • Be courteous. Set a good example and expect every student to follow that example.