New Address: Pecherska St, 3, Chaiky, Kyivs'ka Oblast, Ukraine, 08130


Frequently Asked Questions

The administration has formed a task force to review educational and public health information pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Information from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, the Ukrainian Ministry of Science and Education, and the U.S. CDC, among others, are being taken under advisement.  The task force has begun working and aims to deliver their recommendations to school leadership by July 9.  The 2020-21 school year starts on September 1.

Our task force is considering multiple options, some include: 1. Classroom teaching, 2. Hybrid of classroom and online learning, 3. Home based online learning.  Increased safety and public health measures will be followed on campus.  In any case, KCA remains committed to providing quality Christian education.

At this time, we are accepting students for all grades.   We will also be accepting waiting list applications for the classes that reach their limit.

Our KCA Cleaning Staff have been doing an amazing job.  Throughout the day they meticulously clean and sanitize bathrooms, floors and frequently touched surfaces like doors and tables.  Gel hand sanitizer bottles are set in every room and the front entrance. Additionally, the use of digital, touch-free thermometers is under consideration for everyone entering the building.

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